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We are excited to introduce the newest FUN BUS Franchise Owner, Chris Siegel! Chris will be bringing not one, but TWO Fun Buses to the Denton County, Texas area! Almost 11 years ago, Chris made his debut as a daycare business owner. This was also when his first child was only 6 and his second child was only 3. Now, 11 years later, after running a successful daycare and having two additional children (aged 11 and 4), it’s become apparent that Chris has both the passion for early childhood education as well as the entrepreneurial spirit that makes him an ideal partner for FUN BUS!

“Being a daycare owner myself, I have the connections and know how to speak to other daycare owners. I am a go-getter, a people-person, and am ready to build this business. I already have people hired and I am ready to get ‘rolling!'” – Chris Siegel

In fact, Chris’s first introduction to our Big Green Bus was actually when one came to his daycare! He was able to experience, first-hand, the joy that it brought to children. After having a conversation with Mr. Joe, who was one of the employees who worked on this particular FUN BUS, Chris was convinced to look further into the business as a franchise opportunity. When asked what characteristics or skill sets does Chris represent, in terms of feeling like whether or not FUN BUS was the right franchise opportunity for him, Chris gave the following:

  • I am a go-getter
  • I have relationships with other childcare centers
  • I am a people person
  • I can talk to anyone
  • I know how to talk to daycare owners
  • I know the potential
  • I want to build
  • Childcare owner
  • Entrepreneur

If any of these traits sound like you then we would LOVE to talk! You have zero franchise experience? It doesn’t matter! If you have a passion for childhood education and the drive and desire to be a successful entrepreneur, then you’re a perfect fit for FUN BUS!

For more information on franchising with FUN BUS, CLICK HERE – You’ll be taken to our franchising site where you can learn all of the information necessary to get started on your own FUN BUS franchise adventure!


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