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With increasing childhood obesity rates and worsening health habits among children, parents are actively seeking activities and opportunities that encourage physical activity with their children. The services we offer through our mobile gym franchise are therefore in great demand and loved by parents— and they can confirm! Our reputation with parents and children throughout the country truly distinguishes us as a unique and competitive mobile franchise, with numerous testimonials commending our many different FUN BUS locations. As parents continue to choose us as a leading physical activity business for children, it is easy to see why people continue to open their own FUN BUSes to tap into our market of happy parents!

So… What do parents LOVE about FUN BUS?

First, our franchise owners are committed to ensuring that parents and children both have a fully positive experience that is filled with fun and exercise!

“What a fantastic party! The FUN BUS was prompt, and the leaders were engaged, energetic and kept the kids’ attention throughout. (No easy task with fifteen 3 and 4 year olds!) We were incredibly impressed with them and the overall experience.” —Leyna G.; Facebook

“The FUN BUS staff make a point of knowing the children by name, making thoughtful suggestions about how to group children for everyone’s best experience and they greet the children with as much excitement as the children have for them!” —Verna E.; Yelp

“The FUN BUS was awesome! My daughter and her friends had a blast. Staff was incredible and everything ran smoothly and on time! Would highly recommend!” —Emily L.; Facebook

“The FUN BUS is the BEST!! Just had it this past weekend for my son’s 4th birthday and every single kid had a blast! [The] staff do such a great job keeping the kids having such a good time! So many different activities they offer it’s incredible! They really capture how much each child enjoyed themselves! I will certainly be doing it again!” —Sandra H.; Facebook

Each of our franchise owners are work hard to make sure that each parent and child has an amazing FUN BUS experience. What truly distinguishes us as a leading mobile gym franchise lies in the passion of our franchise owners in creating a real connection with children and their parents. With this passion, parents come back to us time and time again to utilize our gym services.

With parents acclaiming the care and effort of our franchise owners and staff, they also simply love the fun and excitement that is found in all of the activities on the FUN BUS!

“What a great time. My daughter turned nine and she had a blast. Very professional team, kept it fun and exciting. Was a little worried she was too old, but they kept changing activities and everyone stayed on the bus the whole time. Very happy to choose this over a bounce house!  Well worth every penny, and would definitely recommend.” —Shirley J.; Yelp

“My son loves the FUN BUS! He talks about it everyday. It is a great way for him to get some extra energy out and have a good time. I am so glad that the fun bus comes to his school every Friday and you can’t beat the price!” —Kayla C.; Facebook

“The FUN BUS is the best thing invented. I had my daughter’s 5th birthday party on the FUN BUS and each and everyone of the kids did nothing but smile, laugh and have the best time of their live’s. I highly recommend the FUN BUS to anybody that is looking for something different to do for a special event or for a birthday party for their children. I give the FUN BUS a 5 star, all in all it was one of the best birthday parties my daughter has had, she’s already asking to have her birthday party on the FUN BUS again.” —Nichole O.; Facebook

We offer an exercise program that is unmatched! Our children’s mobile gym franchise focuses on making fitness FUN for kids, and parents and children alike can attest to the loads of fun they have every time they go on a FUN BUS. 

All in all, it’s clear to see how FUN BUS has established a solid reputation with parents and children in the community, and opening your own FUN BUS could open your doors to a fulfilling entrepreneurial career built on a strong brand!

Do you want to share the joys of children’s fitness with you community? Do you want to start your own business with a franchise that has dozens of positive reviews from parents? Opening your own FUN BUS could be the perfect opportunity for you! Click HERE to explore our franchise page, and learn all about our children’s mobile gym franchise! 

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